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QKA selects CIRCUM™ round for Lynbrook HS

The newly constructed science building at Lynbrook High School began construction in June 2022 and opened in October 2023. Lynbrook High School’s new science building provides teachers with spacious, state-of-the-art classrooms, enabling innovative teaching. The... Read more

Circum™ Round: The Metropolitan at Atlanta

  In the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, we at HDI Railings didn’t merely seek to meet the architectural standards for The Metropolitan at Atlanta project; we aimed to redefine them. This was not simply about... Read more

Circum™ Elevates Covenant Commons

  Imagine a space where every design element, right down to the railings, makes a statement. In Dallas, Texas, we at HDI Railings didn’t merely aim to meet the architectural standards for the Covenant Commons... Read more

The UT Bass Concert Hall Revival with HDI Railings

In the heart of the University of Texas campus, the UT Bass Concert Hall resonates with a vivacious pulse. It embodies a legacy of breathtaking performances, enlightening conferences, and vibrant cultural events. This celebrated venue... Read more
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