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Glass Infill Panels

  • Kubit Lo Posts with Clear Glass

  • OptiK Boss with Clear Glass

  • Kubit Lo Posts with Clear Glass

  • Kubit with Low Iron Clear Glass

  • Circum Round with Frosted Glass

  • Optik Boss with Orange Interlayer in Laminated Glass

  • Ferric with Etched Project Logo

  • Optik Boss with Colored Glass

  • Ferric with Frosted Glass and Holy Trinity Logo

  • Laminated Glass Edgework

  • Regular and Low Iron Glass (top)

  • Regular and Low Iron Glass (right)

HDI provides glass infill panels in a variety of designs, textures and colors. The size, thickness and type of glass are designed to comply with all applicable building codes, engineering standards and safety requirements in North America.

Following a building code change in 2015 all  glass railings in the US switched from monolithic to laminated glass. This change to laminated glass provides additional safety with the glass being designed to remain in place in the unlikely event of a breakage. Within the  laminated category of glass there are two options, either PVB or SGP interlayers. Both PVB and SGP adhere the glass to them, so in the event of a breakage the glass remains in place. The SGP interlayer is purposely inflexible, meaning that in the event of a glass breakage the glass will remain standing upright because of the stiff interlayer, rather than slumping down as would be the case with a PVB interlayer.

Allowable thickness  9/16″ (14.3 mm), and 13/16″ (20.6 mm) as required by panel size and loading requirements.

Glass panels are available in the following options:

  • Clear glass panels
  • Colored glass panels
  • Low iron glass for optimal clarity
  • Patterned glass panels are available with either the entire surface or part of the panel surface etched or sandblasted
  • Textured, patterned glass is available in a variety of design and thickness options
  • Curved glass and other custom designs can be accommodated by consulting HDI technical staff


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