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Railing System Design

A knowledgeable member of the HDI engineering & design team can guide you to make the correct choices about your custom railing system. HDI’s railing system design team will work with you to ensure a successful project and a strong stylistic statement.

The custom railing system you choose has a dramatic effect on the character of your final design – let our engineering & design team collaborate with you to refine that vision using the latest tools and engineering techniques.

Revit 3D Modeling

The revit software model of an important space during the handrail design phase. The revit software brought this to central space to life during the handrail design phase.

We are the only handrail manufacturer to employ the building information modeling software Revit during the design phase. Revit modeling allows us to incorporate our custom handrail systems into your current blueprints to produce a visual prototype of your railing system in its future environment. This powerful modeling software produces renderings which show far more detail than standard drafting software. Furthermore, Revit makes communications and the revision process even easier.

During the quoting process, we offer Revit files of all of our handrails to potential clients.

3D Video Modeling

Revit software allows us to create full-hd models during the handrail design phase. Revit software allows us to convey the look of the handrail design before we begin building .

Our industry-leading services include the ability to produce realistic Revit-to-Video models, allowing architects and designers to visualize railing systems in their final environments prior to construction. These Revit-to-Video models allow you to visualize every detail of the handrail design, including the infill and the mountings. This complementary service can be provided during the early design phase or during construction phases. The full-HD rendering gives the designer the power of a director — leading the viewer throughout a complete rendering of their design.

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