Dim lit view of CIRCUM guardrail with LED railing and specialty resin infill panel in a Pennsylvania Office.

The Benefits of LED Lighting Systems

Last Edited 05/07/19 As LED lighting becomes more and more standard in design installations, custom options continue to progress. Bespoke LED systems are raising the standard for niche lighting across various industries. When installed and… Read more


Top 5 Stair Railing Design Trends in 2018

Beauty may be transitory, but that’s good news for architects in 2018. More than just passages between floors, transitional spaces such as stairs can serve as striking focal points. Expect 2018 to be the year… Read more

HDI Konic Railing award winning design smoke baffle

Optik Smoke Baffle: Minimalist Style, Maximum Smoke Mitigation

Last Edited 09/12/19 For all of HDI’s trademark railing systems, our philosophy is simple: our engineers design safety features that project a variety of distinct stylistic statements. We now bring the same commitment of style… Read more

Custom railing systems at Farmingdale University

Announcing the Addition of Circum Square

Last Edited 12/21/17 HDI’s pre-engineered railing systems combine superb design with trusted engineering principles. Our product designs are driven by our customers’ requests and feedback. Our entire team from the Sales staff to Installers are… Read more

Custom Staircase railing revit

Revit: Rendering and Real Life

Last Edited 07/12/17 At HDI, we don’t just envision and install world-class handrails for our clients. Throughout the entire partnership, we illustrate the exact way our railing systems will complement the rest of their design…. Read more

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