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Optik Glass Merges Safety, Style at Lancaster Country Day School

To create a stair railing and smoke baffle at Lancaster Country Day, HDI looked to their popular Optik boss and smoke baffle solution.

Optik Shoe A Clear Choice for Google Sunnyvale Office, Google Sunnyvale Office, CA

Floating Glass Supports Google Sunnyvale Aesthetic Recognized for its open and retro-futuristic design, the Google Sunnyvale, CA corporate building is almost iconic as the company logo itself. When the world’s biggest search engine was in... Read more

Optik Boss for Twitter’s Global Headquarters, San Francisco, CA

Twitter enables anyone, from anywhere, to share with the world a micro story called a tweet. With only 140 characters available per tweet, every detail matters. Bespoke-designed, Twitter’s global headquarters in downtown San Francisco tells... Read more
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