KOTO™ Railings amplify Safety in Lifesaving facility

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Situated in Chapel Hill, NC, the Carolina Donor Services Facility stands proudly as the home to the pioneering HonorBridge Donor Care Center. Notably, this state-of-the-art center, specializing in organ, eye, and tissue donation, boasts a dedicated recovery center complete with groundbreaking facilities. Inside, one can find three sterile recovery suites, advanced preservation and simulation labs, a nurturing family center, and a tranquil Honor Garden. Remarkably, this hub for organ recovery and transplantation performed groundbreaking work in 2022, saving 750 lives.

Railing System: KOTO™ railing system
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Architect: Coulter Jewell Thames
Contractor: Inland Construction

Striking a Perfect Balance of Function and Elegance

On its journey to serve the community, Carolina Donor Services dreamt up a facility that seamlessly blends exceptional functionality with a welcoming design. The KOTO™ cable balustrade system adds a contemporary flair to the facility while ensuring maximum safety and security. Specifically installed at various points like the main lobby staircase, the second-floor interior, and the exterior balconies & stairs, these railings enhance both the facility’s safety measures and its visual allure.

Crafting Elegance with KOTO™ Railings

Recognized for its refined lines and concealed connections, the KOTO™ cable railing system offers customization for both interior and exterior settings, presenting options in either 304 or 316 stainless steel. Furthermore, the guardrail cap and assist rail can be designed using stainless steel or wood, achieving a harmonious balance between resilience and beauty. For the CDS Facility, White Oak wood was chosen for the interior cap and assist rail, offering a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. Additionally, our products surpass durability benchmarks, aligning well with LEED requirements that emphasize long-lasting and low-maintenance materials. What’s more, a majority of these resources are recyclable after their lifecycle.

Advancing HonorBridge’s Mission

Central to the facility’s design, KOTO™ cable railings fortify HonorBridge’s noble mission to serve the community. Our railings improve patient, staff, and visitor confidence in the facility as well as its safety and utility. In essence, KOTO™ railings marry perfectly with the facility’s architectural design, masterfully weaving together utility and aesthetic value.

In collaboration with Carolina Donor Services, HDI Railings reinforces a shared vision of quality, efficiency, and design aesthetics. Beyond its main role, the KOTO™ cable balustrade supports the facility’s core aim: offering a calm haven for families and an efficient center for professionals. In this regard, HDI’s work with Carolina Donor Services showcases their adaptability and dedication to top-notch quality, even in tough settings.

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