KOTO™ Cable Railings: Strengthening Safety in Essential Facilities

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Enhancing the Lobby of Children’s Health Transport Center

In 2020, Children’s Health Transport Center in Dallas, Texas, aimed to modernize its lobby area. The center provides critical transport services with a dedicated care team available 24/7. They needed a design upgrade that matched their high standards of care and operational excellence. Therefore, they chose the Koto™ Flatbar cable railing system, featuring an elegant design with unseen connections and a wooden oak flatbar, for this significant project.

Railing System: KOTO™ Flatbar
Location: Dallas, TX.
Architect: Tectonic
Contractor: Hill & Wilkinson

Creating a Welcoming and Safe Environment

The main challenge involved creating a lobby that was both welcoming and safe for patients, families, and staff. The design needed to reflect the center’s commitment to excellence and provide a visually appealing yet highly functional space. Additionally, the railing system had to be durable enough for a high-traffic area while maintaining a sleek, modern look.

Enhancing the Lobby with Koto™ Flatbar Cable Railing System

The Koto™ Flatbar cable railing system features elegant, simple lines, and unseen connections. For this project, the team crafted the top rail and assist rail from stainless steel and oak wood. They chose the wooden oak flatbar for its natural finish, which added a warm and inviting touch to the lobby’s modern aesthetic. This combination of materials ensured durability and visual appeal.

Transforming the Lobby Space

The installation of the Koto™ Flatbar cable railing system transformed the lobby area of the Children’s Health Transport Center. The sleek, modern design provided a safe, durable solution that complemented the center’s high standards. Moreover, the natural oak wood finish added warmth, creating a welcoming environment for patients and families.

This upgrade not only improved the lobby’s functionality but also reinforced the center’s commitment to providing exceptional care and services. The successful implementation of this project demonstrated how thoughtful design choices could enhance both the aesthetic and practical aspects of a healthcare facility.


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