A New Partnership In Dubai

A New Partnership in Dubai

Last Edited 12/16/19 HDI has been marketing and promoting its products to regional architects in the Middle East since 2009, resulting in significant sales and high profile projects such as the premier Health club in… Read more

International Handrail designs

HDI Expands Into New International Markets

Last Edited 09/02/21 HDI Railings is pleased to announce our recent expansion into markets in Malaysia and Singapore through a partnership with Primeclass, a regional distributor that has contributed to many stunning projects. We’re excited… Read more

LED Handrail System

Light the Way with Path and Stair Lighting from HDI

Last Edited 11/09/15 Lighting is an important safety feature on stairways and walks, but its benefits go far beyond providing secure footing. Path and stair lighting provides an invitation to explore, outlines the architecture of… Read more

4 Great Ways Railing Systems Will Benefit Your Project

Last Edited 07/19/19 As a premier provider and manufacturer of custom railing systems for commercial building projects, HDI Railing Systems knows that the basic functions have to be covered, but the railings have to look… Read more

Making a World of Difference

Last Edited 11/13/17 Recently, HDI became a proud partner in the new World Trade Center project. HDI is providing guardrails for observation deck and park areas, as well as many of the railings and handrails… Read more

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