Optik Smoke Baffle: Minimalist Style, Maximum Smoke Mitigation

Last Edited 09/12/19

For all of HDI’s trademark railing systems, our philosophy is simple: our engineers design safety features that project a variety of distinct stylistic statements. We now bring the same commitment of style and safety to a smoke baffle, a smoke management safety feature.

Introducing HDI’s Smoke Baffle

Inspired by our minimalist Optik line, this fire safety system incorporates a modernist style with maximum smoke management. Explore how HDI created a new product line based on one of our most popular handrail systems.

The Need for a Smoke Baffle

An open concept environment creates a strikingly-futuristic aesthetic. This style is particularly popular for creative offices and innovative corporate spaces. The open theme often creates the possibilities for impressive interiors— as well as ample access to natural light.

Open spaces present a hazard in terms of allowing deadly smoke to spread rapidly throughout the building. Therefore, when designing an open concept, smoke baffles or a smoke baffle system are a building code requirement. Required in lobbies, atriums, open staircases and other open indoor spaces, smoke baffles are typically glass channels that restrict smoke in the event of a fire.

Optik Glass Smoke Baffle

When architects work precisely to design a striking and stylish setting, every detail builds that aesthetic. A glass smoke baffle system can also fit that unique look.

Because HDI had a reputation for engineering creative safety solutions, often employing a dramatic yet minimal style, numerous clients asked for HDI to provide a custom smoke baffle system.

HDI used the Optik Shoe to serve as a base for the Optik Smoke Baffle. An entrant in the subtle Optik fleet, the Optik Shoe uses a patented disk lock mechanism to secure the glass infill in a nearly hidden metal track. Like all Optik products, the Optik Shoe provides the illusion of floating glass. This makes it the perfect base model for the Optik Smoke Baffle.

Essentially, the Optik Smoke Baffle was designed by inverting the Optik Shoe. The metal track is placed on the ceiling, so that the infill panels would face down. The Optik Shoe track allows the panels to fit together closely, creating a tight smoke suppression channel.

Optik Smoke Baffle at Cheniere Energy

HDI provided the Konic Railing system with a glass infill to the corporate space on the award winning Cheniere Energy project in Texas, producing a modern contemporary design and complementing the smoke baffle system above the railings. This modern office featured an open staircase running through the entire building.

The stainless steel fastening channel remained completely obscured from view while the smoke baffle glass mirrored the glass infill of the railing system.

HDI’s contribution to the project succeeded as a matching stylistic accessory and as a crucial safety feature.

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