Konic Railing System for an Award-Winning Space

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Houston, TX

Creative companies choose creative spaces. Conceptually, a unique office reflects the company’s unique ideas. Practically speaking, open floorplans foster spontaneous brainstorming, productivity, and a stronger sense of community.  Many times, the right creative workspace represents a perfect marriage of style and sensibility.

Houston-based design firm PDR imagined one such creative workspace and won recognition in the category of Workspace Interiors Greater Than 10,000SQM from World Interior News.

The client wanted to renovate their headquarters in a way that spoke to their innovative corporate philosophy and offered comfortable space for employee collaboration. In addition, they envisioned occupying eight contiguous floors of a skyscraper, requiring a vertical expansion.

This ambitious project necessitated expertise in aesthetic style and practical engineering.  PDR devised a modern 189,000 sq. ft. vertical open-floor-plan.

Beyond its distinct vertical layout, the award-winning office features a striking minimalist aesthetic, ample natural light, and a “Collaboration Core” on every floor.

Like the trunk of a tree, one central staircase threads all eight levels of the headquarters together. Serving as the visual centerpiece of the office and a major foot-traffic thoroughfare, this staircase required a world-class railing system.

PDR collaborated with HDI to select the Konic Railing System with elliptical posts. The ultra-thin elliptical posts anchor the handrail and infill to the staircase structure. Stylistically, the elliptical posts were a natural choice as they correspond with the client’s desired minimalist aesthetic.

Made of durable stainless steel, the Konic is secure enough to handle thousands of trips up and down the staircase every day.

Visually, the elegant Konic Railing System matches the minimalist décor the client desired for that important staircase and their entire space. With all of the Konic’s mechanical connections hidden from view, the only mounting hardware visible are sleek vertical lines. Those sharp lines accentuate the sharp contrast between the wooden panels and the textured walls.

The tempered glass infill proves unobtrusive, furthering opening up the highly-trafficked space.

In a final touch, the eye can follow the uniform mountings and infills of the Konic Railing System for the entire span of 8 floors, from the bottom to the apex.

HDI collaborated with both PDR and the client to create the ideal railing system. HDI has the reputation of developing creative solutions with their clients. Often, their designs can be recognized by the unity of practical engineering and the commitment to a dominant aesthetic.

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