Transforming Juniata College with HDI’s Optik™ Railing System

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Juniata College set a bold goal: to modernize its library into a cutting-edge, 21st-century learning hub. This vision brought together Hord Coplan Macht (HCM Architecture) and Poole Anderson as key players, with HDI Railings providing crucial, innovative components. Together, they embarked on this transformative journey.

Railing System: Optik Shoe™ & Smoke Baffle
Location: Huntingdon, PA
Architect: HCM Architecture
Contractor: Poole Anderson


Initially, the library’s old design did not meet modern educational needs in accordance with the schools new vision. The college aimed to create the Statton Learning Commons, a lively and supportive space for both individual and group learning. Yet, blending advanced safety features with the desired aesthetic proved challenging.


At this point, HDI Railings emerged as a key player in navigating these challenges. The introduction of the Optik Smoke Baffle system represented a leap forward in safety innovation. This virtually invisible overhead glass curtain plays a crucial role in smoke control and sprinkler isolation, crucially adhering to stringent fire codes without sacrificing design.

HDI’s Custom Glass and Shoe Cap Railing added both beauty and security. The oval-shaped, reinforced glass was not just a design element but a testament to safety and durability.

Furthermore, the project’s precision owes much to 3D Laser Scanning technology. Deployed before installation, this method ensured exacting accuracy, significantly reducing the risk of costly overruns and reworks. It stands as a testament to HDI’s mastery over complex architectural challenges.


Thanks to these innovations, the Statton Learning Commons has become a beacon of modern, adaptable learning environments. HDI’s role was key in making the space safe, attractive, and functional.

The transformation of Juniata College’s library into the Statton Learning Commons highlights the shift in educational infrastructure needs. HDI Railings has proven itself as a reliable partner for such forward-thinking projects.

For those looking to bring innovation and safety to their designs, HDI Railings is the go-to expert.


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