Sotheby’s Auction House “sold” on HDI railings.

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HDI Railings at Sotheby's Auction House

Sotheby’s is a world-renowned auction house offering the best in luxury collectibles, art, and a
unique setting for its visitors to experience art. Reinvigorating their brand and customer
experience became Sotheby’s top priority this year beginning at their 1334 York Avenue, New
York city headquarters.

HDI Railings at Sotheby's Auction House

With renovations completed in May 2019, the redefined auction house expanded Sotheby’s
exhibition space from 67,000 square feet to more than 90,000 square feet. Sotheby’s hired
architect Shohei Shigematsu of OMA to helm the redesign. His design completely transformed
four of the auction house’s floors into 40 public galleries and nine private sales salons that
“rival major museums around the world in scope, scale, quality and flexibility” a Sotheby’s
spokesperson said.

HDI Railings at Sotheby's Auction House

Entry into the galleries at Sotheby’s is established at their doorways with custom stained walnut
panels and doors, a nod to the traditional woodwork found at Sotheby’s in London. HDI’s
custom black walnut stained wood wall rail with white powder coated elbows and escutcheons
located in the lower level lobby area provides contemporary holding power that complements
the custom stained walnut doors. HDI can provide customized stained railings to match virtually
any color scheme or decor.

HDI Railings at Sotheby's Auction House

The $55,000,000, 92,753 sq. foot Sotheby headquarters were redesigned and enhanced to
become as efficient as possible. “The first-floor gallery was connected to the second floor,
through interior windows that look from the second floor down to the first-floor space, providing
visitors with a unique vantage point to view art” said OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture).
Prior to the remodel, the building’s layout lacked continuity in the spaces, hindering the flow of
foot traffic and in turn negatively affecting the customer’s experience. Now the visitor experience
begins at the central escalator gallery and circles back to the same location, so the customer’s
sense of direction is greatly enhanced.

HDI Railings at Sotheby's Auction House

The traditional appearance of HDI’s custom black walnut stained wall rail located in the
headquarters’ lower lobby is a compliment to the unique details which honor Sotheby’s past.
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