San Jose Convention Center

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San Jose, CA

HDI has earned acclaim for their world-class railing systems — railing systems that provide protection and visual panache to the spaces they complete. Typically, these railing systems accompany grand staircases and prominent balconies.

When the contractor ISEC contacted HDI about the San Jose Convention Center, they weren’t contacting them about a stairway, a balcony, or the need for handrails. Yet HDI still provided the solution of safety presented with subtle style.

In one of the convention center thoroughfares, ISEC planned a series of concrete support columns. Conscious of creating a modern industrial décor, ISEC planned to wrap the drab concrete in sleek column cladding from renowned metal fabrication company Fry Reglet.

The busy San Jose convention center can play host to thousands of guests per day, many of them dragging luggage. Both ISEC and Fry Reglet knew that such heavy traffic could endanger the column cladding. As guests or their luggage accidentally struck the sleek column cladding, the metal would become pockmarked and dented. That cosmetic damage would mar the modern décor and prematurely age the renovation. However, continually repairing the damage would prove too costly to be a viable option.

ISEC and Fry Reglet knew they required something to protect the steel clad columns— yet they needed that protection to deftly match the stylistic tones established throughout the design. The engineers at Frey Reglet met with HDI to devise a solution to protect their metal cladding.

After collaborating with the metal craftsmen, HDI designed a custom stainless steel cane rail that would attach to the differently shaped columns. HDI forged custom parts to ensure the cylindrical rail and the rectangular rail both fit seamlessly.

The HDI design called for the fasteners to be securely attached to both the metal surface and the concrete post beneath to maximize the strength of the cane rails and mechanical attachments. That design choice placed the impact load squarely on the sturdy column itself rather than the attractive metal veneer.

The convention center remained opened throughout construction, complicating the installation process. This did not deter HDI as they tackled the challenge and advised ISEC installers to ensure the process went smoothly and quickly.

A modern industrial aesthetic now dominates the San Jose Convention Center. The charcoal geometric patterned carpet matches the cool grey trim paint and the sleek steel column cladding. The stainless steel HDI railing system mirrors that look, creating a unified theme.

Even though HDI didn’t design a handrail for a prominent balcony or staircase, they still contributed sturdy steel strength and singular style.

Whether HDI is designing a handrail or devising a solution to a problem, we begin each project with a conversation.

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