Dillard Elementary School

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Elk Grove, CA

An outdated school building makes for a difficult – and, at times, dangerous – setting in which students are expected to learn. Dillard Elementary School’s building had served the students, teachers and faculty of the Elk Grove Unified School District in Elk Grove, CA, since 1955, but the tell-tale signs of wear after six decades of elementary school classes roaming the halls were becoming apparent. It was time to upgrade.

Architect Chris Lovin’s (Rainforth Grau Architects) new floorplan called for an open, spacious design that would pull all of the school’s facilities into a single, multi-story structure. Having the school’s two floors open allows for greater natural lighting and energy efficiency, as well as a more modern learning environment.

The design of the new school meant that the railing system to be incorporated would not only have to complement the aesthetics of the newly created physical space, but would also need to provide necessary safety for a school full of active young children. HDI worked with the folks at Rainforth Grau Architects to design a rail system that provided that safety, discouraged the students from using the railings as an indoor jungle gym, and still maintained the overall feeling of openness and free space that the new building’s architects strived to create.

It briefly appeared that the project would wind up going over budget, but HDI worked with the school to find the right solution that would meet their needs both physically and economically. Michael Bean, Senior Construction Manager for Elk Grove Unified School District, was extremely pleased with the results: “I want to express that [HDI’s] product is absolutely gorgeous and believe that the overall function is very well represented.”

The students, teachers and faculty at Dillard Elementary are looking forward to the new school year in a new building, thanks to help from HDI. Whether you are upgrading an old building or planning new construction project, HDI will work with you to create the right railing system to meet your aesthetic and safety needs. Contact us to find out more!

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