Architectural Precision in a State-of-the-Art Facility

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Architectural Precision in a State-of-the-Art Facility

In Jacksonville, Florida, the innovative design of the newly constructed KLS Martin manufacturing building stands out. Since its establishment in 1993, KLS Martin has expanded into a 55,000 sq ft, three-story facility, creatively designed by Dasher Hurst Architects. This modern building, customized for KLS Martin’s high-tech products, seamlessly blends advanced functionality with striking aesthetics.

Railing System: Inox™
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Architect: Dasher Hurst Architects
Contractor: WB Huff Construction

Navigating Complex Design Requirements

Choosing a railing system for the building’s lobby stairwell presented a significant challenge due to unique structural requirements. Furthermore, the team had to ensure precise coordination with WB Huff Construction Services. They skillfully inserted posts through precisely cut holes in the steel treads and landing overhangs, securely fastening them below.

Seamless Communication and Coordination

William Huff from WB Huff Construction Services praised the collaborative effort: “HDI Railings communicated and coordinated the railing system details with our stair structure effectively during the shop drawing phase. They skillfully evaluated and adapted to onsite conditions during construction.”

High Customer Satisfaction

WB Huff Construction Services reported extremely satisfactory results from the installation process. William Huff expressed his satisfaction, stating, “We are very pleased with the finished product.”

Merging Aesthetic Appeal with Technical Precision

The inox™ railing system at the KLS Martin building showcases HDI’s expertise in delivering customized solutions that meet specific design and functional requirements.

By carefully crafting railing systems for modern architectural projects, HDI demonstrates its precision in engineering and project coordination.

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