Adventist Cancer Institute

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Hinsdale, IL

Complete care for patients fighting cancer in a healing atmosphere — that’s the mission. When Adventist Hinsdale Hospital and Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital partnered to build the Adventist Cancer Institute, the convenience and comfort of the patients was their guiding principle.

The two-story Adventist Cancer Center offers expert medical care for every step of the treatment process. From exam rooms and an imaging center to chemotherapy stations and radiation therapy equipment, patients have access to all of their treatment in one place. While battling cancer is a life-changing struggle, the Adventist Cancer Institute seeks to make that fight as comfortable as possible by having everything in one place.

Complementing the life-saving treatments, the Adventist Cancer Institute also creates an atmosphere of tranquility and healing. Featuring themes of glass and wood, prominent placement of potted ferns, and ample natural light, the décor inspires much-needed feelings of comfort and peace.

To create that décor, Adventist Cancer Institute stakeholders hired Chicago-based Christopher Glass & Aluminum. The glass manufacturer designed a gorgeous glazed infill for the prominent staircase and second floor balcony — that’s their specialty. However, the glass manufacturer knew they needed a world class handrail to complete these crucial spaces and to support their beautiful glass infill.

Christopher Glass & Aluminum partnered with HDI and chose the Circum railing system.

The grand staircase featured a spiral that complicated the build. HDI solved the problem by visiting the site and performing complete measurements to ensure the spiral was completed beautifully — and accurately.

HDI shipped the Circum weld mounts and threaded rod along with the installation drawings, so Christopher Glass & Aluminum could install the weld mounts at the beginning of construction. HDI then shipped the post and rail to complete the railing system.

The client completed installation without issue; Circum’s three panel holders paired neatly with the Christopher Glass & Aluminum infill. While HDI typically provides stylish glass infills, they enjoyed collaborating with another talented craftsman.

The infusion of natural light paired with the stainless steel style of the Circum railing system created a modern aesthetic, one that represents the technological advancement of the Adventist Cancer Institute. Simultaneously, the natural woods, the leaf-patterned infill, and the variety of plants serves to invoke a sense of life for all who enter.

HDI loves working with architects, craftsmen, general contractors, and other stakeholders, alike. The one constant throughout is that HDI begins every relationship with a conversation.

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