Hilltop Securities selects HDI’s Optik™ Shoe railing for new office

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Dallas-based Hilltop Securities is one of the top financial firms in the United States. During the summer of 2020, Hilltop Securities began renovating more than four floors of office space at the top of the 717 North Harwood tower in Dallas, Texas. Hilltop Securities office at 717 N Harwood high-rise required a railing system to match its modern aesthetic.

Railings were not only needed for the foyer’s staircase— natural timber stairs with a rustic feel—but they were also needed for the lounge space overlooking the foyer.  HDI’s Optik™ Shoe railing system provides an elegant look for the Hilltop Securities vestibule. Additionally, the high-quality stainless steel and laminated glass infill make this railing an aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive choice for the contemporary office environment.

With a patented disc lock system, the glass panels are secured in place by a stainless-steel covered channel, providing a clean, uninterrupted appearance. Using this innovative locking device, all panels can be aligned with one another resulting in a continuous flat surface along the glass for a clean uninterrupted appearance.

Laminated glass panels composed of multiple interlayers make HDI’s Optik™ Shoe railing system both structurally sound and break resistant. Furthermore, laminated glass infill reduces noise pollution by disrupting sound waves when they travel through the material, thus helping to reduce noise pollution. HDI’s laminated glass infill is available in a variety of colors, tints, and tones, and it can also be curved or straight for enhanced appearance flexibility.

Throughout the past 75 years, municipalities, governments, and other organizations have trusted Hilltop Securities with their most significant initiatives. In March of 2021, Hilltop Securities completed renovations at 717 North Harwood valued at more than $13 million. Installed at the beginning of 2021, HDI’s Hilltop Securities railing solution provides a sleek and secure railing system built to support a center bustling with forward-thinking ideas.

In HDI’s factory, all railings are fully assembled and then deconstructed into the assembled sections, thus ensuring an efficient installation. Building professionals turn to HDI Railings when they need a railing system that keeps up with industry demands. We would be happy to partner with you on your next project. Get in touch with your regional sales representative today.

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