KOTO™: Redefining the Boundaries of Modern Cable Railings


In the evolving world of design, sleek and minimalistic aesthetics have found a prominent place, with cable railing systems emerging as favorites. Consequently, these elegant, practical systems have become a modern signature in homes and businesses, both inside and out.

Cable railings serve dual purposes; they secure spaces and define boundaries while preserving the view. They allow light to infiltrate, lending an airy and luminous quality to any environment. Furthermore, these railings adapt gracefully to any architectural style, enhancing visibility and enriching aesthetics, whether on a staircase, balcony, deck, or terrace. They transform spaces, allowing beauty and functionality to coexist harmoniously.

Why Choose KOTO™ Cable Railings?

Refined Versatility

KOTO™ embodies the essence of ‘less is more,’ showcasing invisible connections to craft seamless views and extend the beauty of every space, inside and out.

Flexible Allure

KOTO™ adapts to your design vision, whether it’s the sleek allure of stainless steel or the organic warmth of wood, with extensive customization in wood type, finish, and stain to align with your design story.

Discover a spectrum of architectural possibilities with our extensive range of RAL color choices for powder-coated finishes, each designed to resonate with your aesthetic ethos. Integrate LED options to masterfully illuminate and elevate both aesthetic allure and user experience within your spaces.

Durable Elegance

Crafted from either 304 or 316 type stainless steel, KOTO™ blends strength and style, featuring sturdy posts and cables that form a structure as enduring as it is attractive.

Flexible Installation

KOTO™ caters to varied needs with multiple fastening options – Surface, Side, Welded, and Core mounting – adapting seamlessly to different environments and structural demands.

Why KOTO™ Stands Out

KOTO™ surpasses market expectations with its aesthetic cable railings, offering unmatched design flexibility and extensive customization to fit any architectural style.

Revolutionized KOTO™ Cable Railing Systems

The introduction of KOTO Round and KOTO Square enriches the KOTO™ lineup by diversifying its appeal and broadening its reach. Notably, these fresh additions resonate with the elegance, strength, and minimalist charm of the original KOTO Bar, delivering a seamless mix of style and functionality across their product line.

1. KOTO Round

The integration of the Circum Round post system into the KOTO™ portfolio presents a sophisticated choice. Its sleek, cylindrical posts are ideal for those drawn to a more fluid and rounded aesthetic while maintaining resilience and lastingness.

2. KOTO Square

Welcoming the Circum Square post system into the KOTO™ collection opens up geometric design possibilities. Its sharp, pristine lines and sturdy posts cater to tastes favoring a more structured and angular look.

Exploring Untapped Market Potentials

The enhancement of the KOTO™ cable railing range marks our entry into the essential cable market. We’re extending minimalist and contemporary railing solutions to more enthusiasts. This development shows our dedication to innovation and supreme design. Moreover, it strategically addresses a market void by offering varied cable railing options in one product family.


KOTO™ cable railing system pioneers in design and functionality, leading as architecture evolves and redefines design boundaries.

Opting for KOTO™ means embracing a world without boundaries, constructing without constraints, and unlocking unparalleled design freedom.

It’s choosing a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary innovation, a display of limitless creativity and modern aesthetics. With KOTO™, architects are invited to step into a realm of endless possibilities and redefine the essence of design.