Introducing Lo-Post™

Lo-Post™: Where Structural Solace Meets Clear Bliss.

The world of architectural design constantly evolves to merge aesthetics with functionality, and the newly launched Lo-Post™ system makes this possible. With minimalist post designs and pristine glass railings, Lo-Post™ provides unobstructed views and a tranquil aesthetic that complements any space.


A Vision of Minimalism

Featuring sleek, streamlined profiles, Lo-Post™ elevates environments. Through the use of structural glass as the primary infill material, every installation evokes “clear bliss,” making spaces feel open and connected.


Unleashed Design Freedom

As each project is unique, the Lo-Post™ system offers unparalleled design freedom. The Lo-Post™ system offers a sophisticated 240 grain brushed finish and a wide range of powder-coated options in thousands of RAL colors. With so many options, railings can be matched to any project’s theme, enhancing and complementing it.


Installation Versatility

Mounting options include side, surface, weld, and core installations, so it can be integrated into different structural settings. Due to its adaptability, it is a great choice for projects requiring both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.


Functional Elegance with Customizable Options

Lo-Post™ features an optional 1 ½” grab rail in stainless steel or wood, enhancing usability without compromising style. Additionally, an innovative 1 ½” LED rail can be attached to the glass adding a layer of safety.


Explore the Possibilities with Lo-Post

With Lo-Post™, you can redefine the boundaries of architectural design. Whether you aim for the bold statement of vibrant colors or the understated elegance of brushed steel, the Lo-Post™ system delivers tailored solutions that transform your design dreams into reality.

We are excited to see how you will use the Lo-Post™ system to bring your architectural visions to life.