HDI Railing Systems Announces Two New Railing Designs

Last Edited 01/29/16

HDI Railing Systems announce the introduction of two new railing designs to its line of high-end ornamental railings. The new products, KONIC™ and KUBIT™, offer glass cantilever guard and handrail systems with a minimalist design.
“KONIC with its unique elliptical stanchion was designed to provide a railing profile not currently found in the marketplace,” said Kevin Downs, President of HDI and designer of the product. “Both KONIC and KUBIT are designed with modular components and elegant barrel connection sliding over visually slender minimalist posts.”

KONIC™ Elliptical Post and KUBIT™ Flat Bar Post Design

KONIC is a single elliptical post 3/8” (16mm) x 2 ¼” (57mm) in diameter. KUBIT utilizes a single flat bar post 2” (51mm) x ½” (13mm) thick. Both products are manufactured in either AISI 304 stainless steel for interior applications or in AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel for exterior applications and more aggressive environments and higher corrosion resistance. Both designs use a 240 grain brush finish and a contrasting matte finish.

Infill Panel Options and Attachment Methods

Both systems accommodate a half inch (13mm) to ¾” (19mm) thickness for flat panel infill materials. Options for infill include tempered glass, laminated glass, perforated stainless steel panels, woven wire mesh panels, or resin infill panels. Custom and specialty glass panels and other custom materials may also be used.

A through bolt connection or an HDI Panel – Link™ is available for both systems which provides a through bolt connection extended from each post for individual panels between single posts. Using Panel – Link reduces the number of uprights required and offers symmetric post spacing.

Design Options and Customization

Curved railings and other custom designs as an extension to KONIC’s core design can be accommodated by consulting HDI technical staff. Both are available with shortened posts providing a floating glass effect with various fastening options for stability. A variety of fastening options are available including core mount, surface mount to concrete or steel, weld mount, through bolt connection for wood and material with less than 4” thickness, and a 2 – point side mount. Wood top rail is optional also. All components used are environmentally friendly and LEED statements are available from HDI.

“The slim designs of KONIC and KUBIT offer architects and designers an elegant railing alternative without an obstructive view”. “Maximum post center spacing is 60“ (1524mm) for most conditions, which is wider than the four foot – on – center spacing in most railing systems. This allows for the largest span of glass without an obstructing post for pedestrian viewing.”

Manufactured in the U.S. and Available Worldwide

Both KONIC and KUBIT will be manufactured in the United States and available in both U.S. domestic markets as well as internationally. All products from HDI may be purchased as materials only or coupled with HDI’s installation services, which include site survey for finished field dimensions, approval drawings, PE (Professional Engineering) calculations, installation including union and prevailing wage. Both KONIC and KUBIT are designed to comply with applicable building codes, technical standards and safety requirements, including ADA compliance.

Established in 2002, HDI Railing Systems is a leading provider of pre-engineered modular and ornamental railing systems used in commercial and residential applications, frequently specified for hospitals, airports, corporate offices, hotels, universities, libraries and museums. The company offers a wide range of stainless steel railings and related products including door hardware products. HDI received the Highest Quality Rating for the railing category featured in Architect magazine in the January 2009 issue.

For more information, contact your local HDI regional Sales Manager at 717-285-4088.
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