Design Dynamics: 3D Scanning

Last Edited 04/24/24


In order to achieve the highest quality and precision expected on most architectural applications, manufacturers are required to execute on tight tolerances to ensure the finished product meets the client’s vision.  To achieve this, the site survey is a critical step in the process.

With regular changes that occur daily on construction sites, and the overall complexities of some of the stair and balcony designs, such as spiral staircases, getting the most accurate dimensions to manufacture from is critical.

Implications of Inaccuracy

An improperly aligned or misfitting railing is more than just an eyesore; it poses a potential safety risk. Additionally, inaccuracies may result in time-consuming and costly rework, extending the schedule and increasing costs.

Embracing Technological Solutions

Consider a future where every measurement is precise, projects are completed on time, and deadlines are easily met. This future is possible with advanced technologies like 3D laser scanning.

By integrating these innovations, architects and general contractors can enhance safety, reduce waste, and remain strictly compliant with building regulations.

HDI’s 3D Laser Scanning Service

To turn this vision into reality, HDI offers a state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning service for the collection of all needed measurements to precisely manufacture our railing systems.

This technology not only guarantees that measurements are spot-on but also streamlines the installation process, ensuring that our railings are perfectly aligned and securely fitted without the need for subsequent adjustments.


Adopting HDI’s 3D laser scanning service is a step forward for any architect or general contractor aiming to uphold the highest precision, efficiency, and safety standards in their projects.  With this technology, we can make even the most challenging design applications a success without all of the headaches.