Announcing the Addition of Circum Square

Last Edited 12/21/17

HDI’s pre-engineered railing systems combine superb design with trusted engineering principles. Our product designs are driven by our customers’ requests and feedback. Our entire team from the Sales staff to Installers are always listening to Architects, Designers and Contractors that specify and use our products, so that we can better understand their wants and needs.

For several years HDI has been asked to provide a square, rectangular version of our traditional round post Circum railing system. Typically this is required when the architectural design or the interior concept make this a more logical choice. As you can see on the Broward Center railing (below) the large angled rectangular wooden columns on the outside of the building are an essential element of the building design, rectangular posts for the guardrail and wood handrail matching the columns ensure the guardrails complement the overall building design.

Due to the demand, HDI is now officially launching the Circum Square as a pre-engineered railing system. Now Circum can be specified with either a round post, panel clamps and fastening bases or with square posts, panel clamps and fastening bases.

Read on to explore the details of the Circum Square and see how this stainless steel railing system provided the right design solution on two very unique projects.

Steel Railing System Circum Square

The Circum Square stylistically deviates from the Circum railing system in a few notable ways.

  • Firstly, the Circum Square post mount is square rather than round.
  • Secondly, the Circum Square floor mounts are also square.
  • Thirdly, when attaching an infill panel, the Circum Square employs the panel holders from the inox railing system.

These design touches allow architects to partner their handrails to a larger variety of aesthetic styles — while still benefiting from the features and durability of the Circum stainless steel railing system.

Advantages of a Pre-Engineered Railing System

Choosing a pre-engineered railing system allows architects to have confidence that they’re choosing a tried and tested product. The product is designed in advance with features and options, fastenings and connection’s already available as soon as the project requires. All designs have AutoCAD and BIM libraries to ensure the architects process is as efficient as we can make it.

Circum Square for the Broward Center, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

custom railing systemscustom railing systems

This client commissioned the Circum Square as a custom railing system. The Broward Center, a modern performing arts theatre hosts over 700,000 guests every year

Throughout the design, inside and out, the architect desired a strong rectangular aesthetic. The Circum Square complimented that design with square posts and wooden handrail to match the wood themes in the building.

Circum Square for Nathan Hale Hall at Farmingdale University

HDI also designed and built Circum Square as a custom railing system for the Nathan Hale Hall at Farmingdale University, NY. Boasting the same versatility of Circum, Circum Square Nathan Hale Hall features a steel rod infill, matching the stainless steel railing system.

Custom railing systems at Farmingdale University

Circum Square can be equipped with any infill material, any top rail material, and LEDs in the handrail.

Circum Square for Your Railing System Needs

As was the case with the Broward Center and Nathan Hale Hall, HDI begins relationships with a conversation. Whether you choose to customize a pre-engineered railing system or to implement a fully custom railing system, a conversation is the first step.

Contact us for a conversation about a railing system solution.