Maryland School for the Blind installs Circum LED to entrance area

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In the summer of 2019 HDI Railings provided Circum LED railing system to Maryland School for the Blind, Newcomer Hall’s entrance providing increased visibility and safety.

Railing System: Circum Round railing with LED handrail
Location: The Maryland School for the Blind, Newcomer Hall
Architect:  MCA Architecture
Contractor: Reedbird Steel


Maryland School for the Blind provides integrative education for students ranging in age from infancy to early adulthood. Students enrolled at MSB are blind or visually impaired but for the past forty years, MSB has also included students with multiple intellectual and physical disabilities. A refurbishing of MSB’s aging campus is underway to meet the diverse needs of its students. MCA Architecture is reimagining the campus’s core buildings including Newcomer Hall. In turn, MCA Architecture turned to HDI Railings to supply an elegant exterior railing system for Newcomer Hall’s entrance.


Originally, Newcomer Hall’s entrance comprised a single staircase rising to the doorway with black iron railings on either side of it. Wheelchair accessibility and nighttime visibility were two issues that clearly needed addressing. MCA Architecture redesigned Newcomer Hall’s entrance to include elevated walking ramps on either side of the main staircase. HDI’s Circum Round railing system with LED lighting replaced the antiquated railings while providing additional holding power along the two walking ramps. Adjacent brick ledges were constructed along the walking paths with HDI’s LED railings illuminating the craftsmanship undertaken to seamlessly match Newcomer Hall’s circa 1910 brickwork.

IMG_0174 M

The elegant stainless steel Circum railing system with LEDs casts a new light on Newcomer Hall’s reimagined entrance providing both increased visibility and expertly engineered safety. Many HDI railing systems can be equipped with LED lights, providing a distinct aesthetic touch and added visibility at night. Depending on your design, including LEDs in your handrail system can earn several LEED credits in multiple categories. Newcomer Hall’s newly installed Circum Round railing system will contribute LEED credits toward MSB’s overall goal of achieving a LEED Silver Status campus.


Maryland School for the Blind’s campus-wide restoration project has been warmly received by the staff, teachers, students and their families as a state-of-the-art facility which will bolster a greater future for the students. The reimagination of MSB’s campus has inspired innovation and has opened the door for the South Dakota School for the Blind & Visually impaired to consult with MSB to learn more about their campus. It has also earned MCA Architecture the coveted Excellence in Construction award from ABC Baltimore.


HDI offers everything you need to create the ideal railing system for your next project. Our extensive experience and commitment to clients has led to new solutions, including LEED Certification and guaranteed building code compliance services. To find out what services our skilled sales support team can provide for your next project, please see link below.

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